What is Google: A complete guide to Google Search Engine Service

Admit it, you just googled, “What is Google?”. You did well because, even if used every day by millions of users, most people know little about its functioning and the different tools it provides. In reality, it is very important to understand how Google works and to know which are the most important services and products connected to your account, in order to fully exploit its potential.


What is Google?

For those who are completely unfamiliar with the question, let’s start with the basics: Google is the number one search engine in the world to which millions of people entrust their online questions on many different issues every day. It was born in 1998 in Mountain View, California, and every year it churns out many new products and services such as Google Drive, Photos, Maps, News, Play Store and Gmail just to name a few.


How Google works?

The search engine – “search engine” in English – automatically re-elaborates the human language by analysing a lot of data and returns the user an answer to his question, indexing the contents found through statistical-mathematical formulas that capture the searched keywords, finally drawing up a ranking of the most interesting web pages on the topic, from the most relevant to the least reliable. This, of course, is a rather simplified explanation of what happens when you do a Google search.


How does a Google search?

Once you have typed the question (or by doing a voice search on Google), in fact, the search engine performs a complicated analysis of billions of contents available online, and all this happens – depending on the speed of your connection – in less than 2 seconds.


In which categories does Google search?

Searches can be made within all the categories that are present just below the white bar where the text is entered:

Web to obtain a series of sites with our keywords inside;

Images to access the Google
image database;

Shopping to find the product we are looking for online at the best price;

Video is used to connect us directly with the complete list of videos uploaded to the network;

News is instead the category to select if you want to deepen a topic or a news story. What is Google
News? It is that online place where you will have access to all national and local newspapers, constantly updated sources to allow you to always be informed about current events;

Maps, if you have never used it before, you must know that it can always make you find your way home. Just write an address in the search bar, click on Maps and, both from mobile and fixed devices, you will have a complete map of the location searched and directions on the shortest route to get to your destination. And if you want to explore space instead … there is also Google


What is Google Drive?

Among the various services offered by the Mountain View giant we first mentioned Google Drive, the cloud storage service that allows you to save and synchronize online files, folders and documents and share them with whoever you want, to always have them at hand from any device capable of connecting to the web. By creating your personal Google Account, you will have access, in addition to the Gmail inbox, even 15 GB free to store photos and documents to share with friends and colleagues. In fact, with extreme simplicity you can always have at hand, without carrying USB memory sticks or external Hard Disks, the backup of all-important files, available for both iOS and Android.


What is Google Calendar?

We would also like to point out Google Calendar, a very important tool for those who need to organize deadlines and commitments, since it works as a sort of personal online agenda – which can also be shared with other people – which sends notifications when the scheduled event approaches. Very useful to not miss even an appointment!


What is Google Photos?

If you love taking pictures, you will be one of those people who always has a full memory of their device. As a solution to this problem, there is Google Photos, a Google cloud storage service exclusively dedicated to storing and categorizing photos online.


The Google Photos service is already automatically configured on mobile devices with the Android operating system (and integrated with the device’s media gallery), but since it is also available on iOS, it can prove to be an excellent alternative to iCloud.


How Google Photos works is practically similar to iCloud: the photos you take from your smartphone are uploaded online as a backup copy and are accessible from multiple devices.


The main difference between the two services is that while iCloud storage is limited to 5 GB, Google Photos is unlimited (for storing high-resolution photos). If, on the other hand, you want to upload photos in higher quality than 1080p, then you will have a free space of 15 GB.






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